Yoga Nidra is a profound yogic technique, rooted in ancient traditions, that is aimed at guiding us into a state of profound rest and rejuventation. It has played a pivotal role in my life, and I am eager to guide you through its restorative embrace.


Join the 7-Day Meditation Challenge with free daily morning meditations on my YouTube Chanel. We meet for a 15-minute guided meditation daily and explore different techniques from meditation for grounding, for letting go, mantra meditation and more guided morning meditations to support you in building a regular meditation routine.


Enjoy these "I Am" Morning Affirmations to raise your vibration and trust. Start your day right with this 15 minute positive affirmations meditation for a beautiful morning routine full of self-love and self-trust.


The Sacral Chakra is the seat of our emotions, our creativity, movement and pleasure. When its energy is balanced, we are able to engage easily with other people and opinions, we are creative and life-affirming, have healthy relationships and sexuality; we allow ourselves to go with the flow of life. Read and repeat these healing affirmations for a balanced Sacral Chakra.


Our first chakra, the root chakra is a fundamental energy center. When its energy is balanced, we experience feelings of security and stability, we feel safe and comfortable in our body. We feel grounded and more independent of uncertain external circumstances. With these positive affirmations we can heal and balance our root and feel more grounded and present.


Meditation ist eines der Dinge, von denen wir wissen, dass sie gut für uns sind. Trotzdem fällt es uns oft schwer, eine regelmäßige Praxis zu etablieren. Hier findest du meine persönlichen Tipps die motivieren und helfen, deine eigene Praxis zu beginnen und dabei zu bleiben.