Dec 3, 2021

I Am Morning Affirmations To Raise Your Vibration And Trust

I Am Morning Affirmations improve your power of concentration, relaxation and level of awareness. The Mantra "I Am" connects your finite and infinite sense of self to fully arrive in the state of being. And being what you are, is creating the essence of truth, self-love and self-trust. 

This 15 min guided "I Am" meditation for positive energy will raise your vibration and help to start your day right and settle in to a beautiful morning routine. So make yourself comfortable and let's breathe together. 

I hope you enjoy this meditation as a part of your morning routine, please let me know in the comment section below the video how you felt practicing with me. I am always pleased to hear your feedback.

And would you like to have a routine for the evening as well? Let me know, and I'll be more than happy to create one for you. 

Sending you loads of positive vibes!