Yoflaminga's Jenny Hirtz guiding a meditation

Public group classes

All public classes can be visited without previous registration, they are open to all levels. Beginners and advanced practitioners are equally welcome, variations within the poses benefit each person individually. Classes are usually held in German or in English with translation to German on demand.

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Yoflaminga's Jenny Hirtz adjusting yoga postures

Private & Corporate Classes

Private and corporate yoga sessions include a completely customized practice for individuals or groups. They provide a convenient way to practice yoga according to individual goals and requirements, schedule and location and allow for detailed personal attention. Classes can be held at your home, your workplace or in a provided space according to agreement.

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Yoflaminga's Jenny Hirtz Performing the Crow Pose, Bakasana

Events, Workshops & Retreats

Jenny takes her teaching on the road internationally guiding various lessons on special events and festivals, from transformative Yoga Retreats in the South of Spain to Sound and Chakra Healing Events in Berlin.

In her workshops she offers the opportunity for students to go deeper into the practice and its roots with topics ranging from Yoga Philosophy, Chakra Healing, Pranayama, in-depth Asana Practice and Meditation.

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