About me

Yoga is my constant companion. It came to me on the quest for an authentic, free, healthy and joyful life. Years of practice had such an impact on me that I don’t even remember how life was before. It changed so much for me. It taught me to live my truth, to connect with myself and others more deeply, to love unconditionally and to live more curiously and courageously.

The path to becoming a teacher was an unexpected and unplanned one. A trip to India to study this practice of my heart more intensely and at its origin resulted in the most beautiful life change. For several years now I dedicate myself to sharing what I learn and practice.

I hold the following certifications and I have studied and continue to attend ongoing education with internationally renowned teachers such as Mark Stephens, Simon-Borg Olivier, Rocky Heron, Dr. Ronald Steiner, Surinder Singh, Moritz Ulrich, and many more.

Hatha and Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga (300RYT) - Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh
Traditional Hatha Yoga (200E-RYT) - ShivaShakti Yoga School, Goa
Yin Yoga (25hr YACEP) - Power Yoga Germany, Hamburg
Mobility Mapping for Vinyasa Flow (20hr YACEP) - Rocky Heron, Berlin
Restorative Yoga and Meditation (25hr) – Helen Meyer & Lorna Neuber, Berlin


My journey started with traditional Hatha Yoga, as I had found it in Germany and in India. A calm approach to a deeply healing system including physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation to achieve balance of body and mind. Postures are held for longer periods allowing for precise alignment and deeply felt effect on muscles, joints and the endocrine system.

I still like to follow this practice, however, over the years I fell in love with the dynamic of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Inspired by this style, but with an alternative and modern approach to sequencing, I created my own blend of creative, flowing movement, breath, strength and stillness: Feel Yoga Flow. I love to design a practice that is suitable for all the bodies in our western world and lifestyle.

Yoga to me is never just about the physical, but I believe the body is an instrument that allows us to easily connect to the present moment. It is a portal to our own intuition and inner wisdom, through which we can achieve profound and holistic well-being. I believe in the healing power of yogic Breath Work or Pranayama and other subtle practices such as Mudra and Bandha.

I practice and teach different forms of Meditation not just to increase focus and productivity, but to find true rest and ease, to move from “doing” into “being”, and to live a peaceful, successful, and harmonious life.

All these practices are vital parts of my teaching in classes, workshops and especially on retreats where I always allocate generous time for all of them.

I love to deconstruct and demystify the ancient Philosophy of Yoga in a contemporary way. Not to change or disrespect its initial meaning, but to make it approachable so we can benefit from this vast wisdom as a powerful inspiration and guidance in our today’s life.