Jan 15, 2021

Root Chakra Guided Meditation and Affirmations | Healing & Balancing Your Root

Our first chakra, the root chakra is a fundamental energy center. When its energy is balanced, we experience feelings of security and stability, we feel safe and comfortable in our body, experience good health and are at one with ourselves. We feel grounded and more independent of uncertain external circumstances.

Is it unbalanced or blocked however we can feel unsettled, stressed, insecure and without energy.

With the following positive affirmations you can explore your own root chakra and heal and balance its energy. Repeating them with attention you will feel grounded, safe and fully present.

Read on for the affirmations or scroll all the way down to the whole guided meditation with affirmations for your root chakra.

Make sure to find a comfortable seated position with a long spine in a place where you can be undisturbed for a littel while. Close your eyes or rest your gaze down softly. Sink into your body and repeat the following affirmations.

Below the affirmations you will find a video with the full guided root chakra meditation with affirmations.

I am here.

I am here, I am connected.

I have a right to be here, as I am.

 The Earth supports me.

I let myself be carried by the earth.

I feel deeply rooted.

I trust the power of life.

I trust myself.

I am connected to my body

I feel completely comfortable in my body.

I have what I need.

I stand on my own two feet.

I am always open to new opportunities.

I am grateful for all challenges that help me grow and change.

I am at peace with everything that surrounds me.

I am where I am supposed to be.

I make choices that are healthy and good for me.

I trust myself.

I am safe.

I am secure.

I am centered.

I am home.

I love life.


Return your attention slowly back to the body and to your surroundings before you open your eyes. Take a littel time for these affirmations to settle and manifest before you return to your day or evening.

Root Chakra Guided Meditation Affirmations

Listen to the complete guided meditation here:
Root Chakra Guided Meditation Affirmations

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I would love to hear how you felt after this meditation, let me know about your expereince in the comments of the video and I will love to get back to you.

Have a wonderful day,

Photos by Daniel Willis @danielwillis.co danielwillis.co