This is my favorite recipe for beautiful summer days and evenings. Clean and homemade, easy to make, super fruity and refreshing, and with natural ingredients only!


Entering the humid and darker time of the year we want to look for warming, nourish and rich food. We get cozy, spend more time at home, take care of our health and prepare for the colder winter months. This is my favorite and easy to prepare vegan pumpkin curry recipe for you to try out at home.


Fresh juices contain all the vitamins and nutrients of fruits and vegetables and are an easy and delicous way to increase your intake of healthy foods. Especially in the cold months of the year we can resort to them to support our immune system. Here are three of my favorite immune-boosting juice recipes.


Seit meinen Reisen nach Indien liebe ich Dal Gerichte. Die Linsen sind glutenfrei und haben dabei einen hohen Proteingehalt und viele Ballaststoffe, außerdem Mineralstoffe und Vitamine. Sie haben also alles, um uns gut zu sättigen. Das einfache rote Linsen-Dal mit Kokosmilch schenkt wunderbare Wärme und Energie –  es ist für mich absolutes Comfort-Food, und dabei gesund!


Banana bread It is one of my favorite things to bring to class or on travels, because it is very easy to make, super-fast, needs little ingredients and can be taken everywhere. Plus, it accommodates all my nutrition preferences: vegan, glutenfree, low in sugar (in fact, no added sugar at all!). Here is my recipe for a specially X-mas flavored version.