Detox Yoga Workshop | Greenmarket Berlin

Our body is always working to eliminate toxins. Especially the digestive system is put under a lot of strain to process caffeine, alcohol, preservatives and other toxins. Stress, fear and negative thought patterns are also toxins that affect our physical and emotional health.

In this workshop we will focus on exercises that boost the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and give us new energy.

We move fluidly and in between we stay in postures that stimulate the abdominal area. The moment we leave the posture, we are then flooded with fresh energy. And so, in our practice we also want to practice mentally, to pause, to let go and then to free ourselves from old and no longer needed things. The result: freedom and lightness of body and mind!

Price: 18,- Euro including entrance fee to the market.

Limited number of participants, only with registration.


The workshop takes place in the open air and with sufficient distance according to current regulations. Please bring your own yoga mat!

The Green Market Berlin
Modersohnstr. 49a, 10245 Berlin, Germany

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