Mar 16, 2021

Should You Take A Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher trainings are becoming more and more popular. And maybe you too know the feeling: yoga has given you so much and you love the practice – so much, you want to learn more, dive deeper and maybe even become a teacher yourself.

There are so many reasons why one wants and should take a yoga teacher training. But often there are just as many questions that come along with the idea. In this blog post I am answering the most frequently asked questions I get on Instagram from my personal experience and perspective.

You also have the option to scroll down to the video and listen to me answering the questions instead of reading your way through : ) 

Are you ready for a yoga teacher training?

Everyone can benefit from a yoga teacher training immensely. It is a beautiful and life enriching experience, but you should know what you are getting yourself into. If you have never practiced yoga before or you've made only very little experience with it, then first get into it and figure out, if you really love it. This is a big investment of your time, of your energy, and of your money.

If you have been practicing yoga, maybe even learned about the philosophy, but you feel like you don't know enough or your asana practice is not strong enough, then this is the worry you can really put aside. Yoga is not about complicated poses; it is really a way of life and this is something you will learn in the training. There is an ancient and vast philosophy behind it and there is so much to learn. So, if your concern is that physically you are not ready or you don't know enough, then don't worry about it you are going there to learn after all.

When should you take a yoga teacher training?

This depends a little bit on your possibilities and availabilities and obviously on the kind of teacher training you choose in terms of schedule and time investment. But what should be considered here is not only if you have time, but do you have the capacity at the moment – that is physically, mentally, emotionally. A teacher training can be an intense experience and you want to have space to absorb and process all the input. Can you handle it right now on top of whatever is going on in your life, will this actually benefit you in your current situation or would you rather take some time off or away for your training.

How to choose a yoga teacher training?

There are several factors to consider when choosing your yoga teacher training. Certainly, the location and the schedule are important. For example, do you want to take a 4 - week intensive full time yoga teacher training or rather a part time program over serval months or years that you can attend next to your job or personal live. Do you wish to leave your city or even your country to leave your usual surroundings behind and fully immerse into the practice without the everyday distractions or do you love your local yoga studio and feel most comfortable doing it there?

The most important factor in my opinion is the teacher or the institution you are taking the training with. Do you know them, have you practiced with them before? What is their style, what are their values, the focus of their training? Is it a physically oriented practice like a dynamic power vinyasa yoga, or a soft yin yoga, or a is it a rather less physically oriented program focusing on philosophy and meditation? 

If you get the chance, practice with the teacher or take a meeting with them before signing up for their training. If that is not possible, find other yogis who have trained with them and ask for their personal experience.

One option that has become increasingly available are online yoga teacher trainings. They give you a chance to learn from teachers independently of your location. I have to say that personally I loved my in-person trainings as I learned so much from all the participants and the group situation. Thus, a question would be if you want to wait until training together in person is possible again or how a in-person training fits into your life and your schedule.

Can I start teaching right after my teacher training?

Not everyone is taking a yoga teacher training to actually become a teacher. We often look for the experience for our own interest and development. I never thought I was going to teach, when I took my first teacher training in India. And I think that is a good way to approach it. Depending on your background, your experience and the training you take you might not be ready right after your first training to hold space and to guide others safely and confidently trough their practice. It is a big responsibility after all. If you are very invested or have been practicing for a longer while or have any other movement, physiological or medical background, one teacher training might be enough. I think, we feel when we are ready to pass on what we know and love. And after all, we will all always be students ourselves.

Should I take yoga teacher training

I hope this answered your questions and you feel inspired to take a decision.

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Love from me to you,