Aug 15, 2019

Root to Rise – Connecting with your Earth Element

Earth, water, fire, wind and space combine to compose our entire reality and they are elemental energies inside each of us.

Earth is solid and dense.
Water is formless and fluid.
Fire is radiating and transforming.
Air is soft and spacious.
Space is the container for everything; it is pure potential and possibility.

Earth is the element of our planet and it is even named after it. It stands for manifestation and materialization and is the foundation for everything. It represents matter itself, our physical body and our home.

With a balanced earth element, we feel comfortable in our body, experience good health and vitality. We experience a sense of trust in the world, a feeling of safety and security, and stability which fosters our ability to relax.

An unbalanced earth element on the other hand results in the experience of disconnection from our body. This can at times result in unhealthy eating habits (both - too much, too little), frequent illness and disorders of the solid parts of the body like the bones and the teeth. We feel fearful and restless and are unable to settle. The fear of change leads to an addiction to security and makes us inflexible.

When we spend too much time worrying and thinking, our energy is constantly directed upwards into our mind. It can make us feel scattered and confused; we lack emotional stability and clarity of mind. When we feel unstable, we lose our center and “get swept of our feet“ or “lose our ground”.

That is why the term “grounding” can be heard a lot in yoga and elsewhere. What is meant is that we put focus on getting back in touch with our bodies and its connection with the earth. To be grounded means to feel solid, strong, and well-balanced - in body and in mind. Only with a firm foundation we feel safe and strong enough to dare to experience life, to grow and to expand.

In order to create this solid foundation we have to focus on our roots. Our goal is to refocus our energy downward and find stability without becoming stiff or unmovable. We want to stand on our own two feet and move forward in life.

The physical yoga practice offers many opportunities to “root down”. Standing poses are approached from the ground up: by focusing on the feet, the legs and hips – the whole stance – we create a firm basis from which we can grow and expand.Even if the pose includes a complicated arm variation, without the focus on the stable foundation, you can’t keep balance and move further. Therefore, if we want to foster grounding and stability, we work on the body partsthat are physically closer to the earth and with them the chakras of these areas. Our first chakra, on the base of our spine, adequately carries the name “root chakra”.

Other ways to reconnect with the earth element off the yoga mat are physical activities, touch, walking barefoot in nature, laying down flat trusting the ground to carry you. 

A beautiful practice is the repetition of mantra: 
The earth supports me and meets my needs. 
I love my body and trust its wisdom. 
I have a right to be here as I am. 
I am here, and I am real.

The work with the elements it such a rewarding one, as it connects all areas of life. It relates to our personal characteristics and our emotions. It gives us insight to why we feel the way we do and provides tools to take charge. I dedicate my entire next yoga retreat to this topic, and I can’t wait to explore the elements together with you. You’ll find all the relevant information here:
5 Elements Yoga & Meditation Retreat / October 2019

Either way stay tuned here on my blog for I’ll be sharing more information on the other elements soon.

I hope you found something interesting in here for you; I am always happy to hear your feedback!

Love from me to you <3