Jun 23, 2023

The One Manifestation Practice That Changed My Life

Whenever I am asked how I got where I am (often by other teachers / holistic practitioners) or generally how I go about life and work, I feel the urge to speak about one little aspect that I account almost everything in my life to.

I love to work and be intentional, strategic diligent and I do have a lot of practical advice to give for sure. However, a big part of my ‘work’ is vibrational. I believe in the law of attraction and that we can all deliberately create our life. I’ve been following the teachings of Abraham Hicks for many years, and I cannot imagine my life without these insights anymore. Everything makes sense and happens to my advantage; so much to learn, so much to evolve from and so much joy to be experienced once you change your outlook on things.

One technique that has particularly helped me in cultivating a magnetic energy and brought so many wonderful things/situations/people into my life is the Scripting Technique by Abraham Hicks. You’ll find a description of it below. It helps clarify your desires, raise your vibration, and align you with what you want to manifest.

The notebook in the picture was gifted to me at the final ceremony of our 200-Hour Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training in Sicily by our wonderful students and – feeling the magnitude of this experience – I have decided to only use this book to create more wonderful things for me and the world around me. It’s already travelling around with me and is the first thing that I attend to in the morning.

Sending love + hope that you may benefit from these insights.

Scripting Technique

The Scripting Technique is a method used to deliberately create your reality by writing a script of your desired experiences in the present tense. Here's how to practice it:

a. Set aside some quiet time and find a comfortable space to write.
b. Start by imagining your ideal life, the experiences you desire, and the emotions you want to feel.
c. Write a detailed script as if you are describing your life as it currently is, using present tense and positive language. Include specific details and sensory experiences.
d. Focus on the positive aspects of your desires and avoid mentioning any lack or negative circumstances.
e. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the emotions and sensations of living your ideal life as you write.
f. Read your script regularly, preferably daily, to reinforce your intentions and align your energy with the experiences you desire.

The Scripting Technique helps you focus your thoughts and energy on your desired reality, allowing you to become a vibrational match to the experiences you want to attract. It is a tool to assist you in clarifying your desires, raising your vibration, and aligning with the experiences you want to manifest in your life, according to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

References: The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent by Abraham Hicks (check my recommendation of this book here)