Feb 29, 2020

Worth Reading: 'The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent' by Esther & Jerry Hicks

“You are the creator of your own experience, and no one else has power within your experience. And that is true for everyone.”

This book was one of my absolute favorites in 2019. It was published in 2006 and even though I have been following The Teachings of Abraham for several years through recordings on Youtube, this was the first time I read one of the books. What I love most about this book is that it serves as a workbook, offering relatable examples and concrete solutions. 

“Most people do not realize that thinking about something is inviting the essence of that ‘something’ into their experience.”

The first part explains the underlying concept of the Teachings of Abraham that we are spiritual beings who have a physical experience and how the universal laws of our existence work. Without spoiling: If you are not familiar with the concept of the Law of Attraction and you have never hear of ‚Abraham‘ - the collective consciousness that speaks through Esther Hicks - you are definitely in for some surprises. But I’d love to invite you to stay open, as the ideas and concepts laid out here are so beneficial and give you so much power over your own experiences and in the result over your life.

“A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.”

The second part relates specifically to certain topics that most people are concerned with: health, work, relationships, financial matters, etc. On the basis of examples of such situations, it points out typical beliefs that can hinder the manifestation of a desired reality.

For example, your desire is: I want to live in a harmonious relationship with a partner. Your belief is: It is hard to find a partner; it is difficult to live in harmony with someone else, relationships are hard.

Can you feel the difference? When you constantly feel frustration or fear about the fact that you don’t have a partner or that your current relationship is not harmonious at all, your vibrational offering does not match your statement of desire. Here Abraham offers various processes and techniques that aid in altering these self-limiting beliefs, so the situations can be transformed.

The final part are questions and answers asked during workshops, like you can listen to them online. The whole book is written in this kind of style, which makes it very easy to read. It was great fun to me and very motivating to read it and doing the processes was just magical – finding that deep down we hold on to our own limiting beliefs so strongly makes it easier to understand, why we struggle with certain things and actually helps to dissolve them, and with that the undesired situations.

Highly recommend!