Chakra Immersion: Elevate Your Yoga Practice and Teaching

03.11.2023 14:00–17:00 / 04.11.2023 13:00–17:00 / 05.11.2023 13:00–16:00
Original Feeling Studio, Berlin

This 10-hour Continuing Education Training (Yoga Alliance certified, YACEP) is designed to help yoga teachers deepen their understanding of the chakras and learn how to integrate this knowledge into their practice and teaching. We delve into the seven major chakras, learning about their location, qualities, and corresponding physical and emotional states. We explore how these energy centers relate to daily life, our physical and mental health, and how they can be balanced through yoga and other healing practices.

The training includes a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice. We explore our own chakras, learn how to incorporate chakra awareness into our yoga classes, and how to use asana, pranayama, and meditation to activate and balance the energies.

We will gain a deeper understanding of the chakras and their significance in the yoga practice, as well as the tools and techniques to bring this knowledge to our students. Leave feeling inspired and empowered to take your yoga teaching beyond the mat, and to help your students connect with their own bodies and emotions on a deeper level.

For yoga teachers or interested yoga practitioners.

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