Sound Healing And Yoga Retreat

September 24th - October 2nd, 2022 / Algarve, Portugal

Located in the southwest of Portugal, close to Aljezur the retreat center lies within 20 ha of untouched land of rolling hills. The fragrant air, clean water and shade of ancient trees in the valley blend together to form the very picture of natural abundance, especially come harvest season. To live in a natural circle with the environment, being self-sufficient with their water and energy system are core values of the community.

We will dedicate each day to
one chakra.

Sound healing,
yoga practice and vegan food
will nourish and balance our energy centers.


In our daily yoga classes we immerse in both dynamic and gentle yoga practices, exploring different sequences and poses, diving deep into the practice.

Each day we focus on one Chakra, the respective areas of the body and the aspects of our life they relate to, exploring the connection between the body and the mind. We focus on releasing blockages, activating the flow of energy and cultivating the qualities that we want to experience more of in our lives.

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