Liberation of You - Embrace Your True Nature

'Liberation of You' is a transformative journey that aims to liberate your body and mind and awaken you to your true nature. Let go of the stories that have been holding you back and connect authentically with yourself and others. Through a series of movements, breath work, and sound vibrations, you will see clearer, feel calmer, and be inspired to walk decidedly and courageously towards a free and joyful life.

Hosted at the beautiful Michelberger Hotel, this event features vinyasa yoga, breath work, and a sound bath. You will be guided through a series of movements and breathing techniques designed to release physical and emotional tensions and support you in connecting with and embracing your true inner self.

The sound bath will provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a sonic landscape of healing vibrations to calm your nervous system, find clarity in the mind and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Tickets: Liberation Of You - Michelberger Hotel

Jenny Hirtz, Co-Founder of Living Grace Yoga Institute, is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and sound facilitator based in Berlin. For the past seven years she has been sharing her teachings full-time in classes, seminars, yoga teacher trainings and retreats all over Europe focusing on connection, authentic exchange, profound experience, and joyful moments.

Sascha Zeilinger, founder of a spirit of Breath and breathwork facilitator & and trainer, is well known to the Berlin community and beyond for his breath work sessions. During his workshops people learn how to consciously use one of the most powerful tools nature has given them to experience positive shifts in the emotional, mental and physical bodies.