Deepen Your Practice – 3 Day Yoga & Meditation Experience

 Activate and release your body, mind and spirit in a beautiful location, away from daily routines and surroundings. In the midst of soothing nature and right next to a clear lake, we dedicate 3 days to the exploration of the connection between the body and the mind, and the deeper planes of our emotional life. How they influence each other, how we can use our physical Yoga practice, not only to strengthen and tone the body, but to still the mind. Generous time is allocated for daily breathing practice and different mediation techniques. Spend your free time reconnecting and grounding yourself with walks in the beautiful landscape and a cooling swim in the lake. Enjoy entirely homemade delicious Ayurvedic food, that complements the cleansing work in body and mind.

This retreat gives you the opportunity to go beyond superficial practice in short open classes and to learn more about all the elements of Yoga. You will not only take your physical practice to the next level, but also learn more about the transformational and healing powers of Yoga and Meditation - a total reset for Body, Mind and Soul.

This retreat is open to all levels, long-term practitioners are equally welcome as beginners. However, you should be open to dive deep into the practice, let yourself be guided and experience something new.

We have a spacious beautiful yoga hall with all necessary materials. Practice may also take place outside, for sunset and sunrise Meditation and Asana classes in the sun.

The language of this retreat is German and English depending on the participants. Translation both ways is always possible.

Dorfstraße 72
16247 Friedrichswalde
(1,5 hours outside Berlin)

Guidance Yoga & Meditation:
Jenny Hirtz (Yoflaminga)

Marit Zerbe

For further information and prices please contact


Expect 5 hours of practice every day including


  • Morning Meditation
  • Introduction and practice of various breathing techniques to activate and balance energies (Pranyama)
  • Invigorating dynamic morning classes to get into the flow and release tensions (Vinyasa Yoga)

Afternoons / Evenings:

  • Deep work practice in the afternoons to take the practice further and to understand Asana and their effect on the muscular and endocrine system, but also on emotions and mental wellbeing (Hatha Yoga)
  • Varying evening Meditation sessions introducing different techniques




Option 1:
1 person, Double room with spacious double bed to share
340 € ealy bird until August 10th, after that 380 €

Option 2:
2 persons, Double room with standard double bed to share (for friends and couples)
630 € ealy bird until August 10th, after that 690 €

Option 3:
1 person, Single room with double bed
450 € ealy bird until August 10th, after that 490 €