Chakra Yoga & Sound Journey

June 4th, 2022, 5:30 - 7:30pm / Yoga On The Move, Berlin

Join us for an immersive multisensory journey through your chakras, diving deep into yourself, releasing any blockages and experiencing your innate power.

We flow through yogic practices, breathing exercises, postures, and mudras, designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

Every chakra will be accompanied by a homemade soundscape, which will be performed live with an analog drum computer and synth. Electronic vibrations, recorded samples and sound bowls fuse together to create frequencies that stimulate the flow of energy.

From the soothing and nourishing roots to the vastness and endless possibilities of the crown, you will experience an opening and harmonizing of your energy centers. You will get to experience their power and impact and reveal where you might have been stuck, and how you can find flow.

An extended Savasana, guides you into deep relaxation, carried by sound and calming voice, instilling a sense of internal peace, presence and wholeness.

Yoga means union. Our beautiful studio is open to anyone seeking self-experience, comfort, connection; we cater to all yoga experience. Previous knowledge about the chakras is not necessary. Everybody is welcome, all bodies, genders, sexualities, religions – and all those respectful of others.

Guidance: Jenny Hirtz
Music: Sebastiaan Lefuce

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