Bloom Into Freedom - Yoga & Meditation Retreat

September 11 - 17, 2022 / Kea, Greece

Bloom Into Freedom creates an expansive space to recognize and harness our potential, our power and our inner wisdom. Nourished and supported by yogic practices of movement, meditation, breathwork and ceremony we leave the structures, the bonds, the endless coils of the mind. We find freedom from inner and outer expectations and restraints and come to experience pure joy, serenity and grace.

What you will take home

  • Energetic effects of asana, mudra and pranayama 
  • Different meditation techniques and guided ceremonies that facilitate connection to your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Breathing exercises to manage your energy and energize or calm the mind and the body
  • Go beyond superficial yoga practice in short open classes and learn more about all the elements of yoga
  • Take your physical practice to the next level, but more than that learn more about the transformational and healing powers of yoga and meditatio
  • Learn about different energy centers (chakras) of the body and the aspects they relate to in our lives, exploring the connection between the body and the mind
  • Understand asana (posture) and their effects on the muscular and endocrine system as well as on emotions and mental wellbeing
  • Indulge in the healing practices of soothing yin yoga for deep tissue release

Morning Yoga

Morning practice starts with meditation and yogic breath work that cleanses the body on the physical and energetic level and awakens our spirits. We then flow through dynamic Vinyasa Yoga sequences that strengthen the body and leave us feel energized and balanced. We build the sequences step-by-step learning about the alignment that allows the energies in our body to flow freely and release great healing potential.

Evening Practices

In the afternoon we take our practice further in workshops to understand Asana (posture) and their effect on the muscular and endocrine system, but also on emotions and mental wellbeing (Hatha Yoga). On some days we will indulge in the healing practices of soothing Yin Yoga for deep tissue release.

Place & Culture

The essence of Kea Retreat can be heard in the traditional Greek rebetiko music, when the bouzouki makes one hop and leap to the sky with ecstasy.

It is seen in the glistening silver leaves of the olive grove and blood-moon beams that rise mid bay and bring one’s eyes to tears. Smelt in the lavender blossoms that soothe the soul when the breeze passes through the valley.

Felt from the cradling hillsides that wrap around the land and the refreshing crystal turquoise waters that reignite the spirit. And tasted in the local farmer’s tsipouro that brings everyone together in celebration at the end of the day.

Kea Retreat is a place where prayerfulness is most alive in dance and gratitude is shown to existence by fully embracing all of life’s abundant offerings.

Booking & additional information

Please visit for detailed informatoin on accomodation, prices and additional activites and booking.