Mar 12, 2019

Product Review: Natural Superfood Skincare by Skinbiotic

Over the past years most of my decisions have become part of an uncompromising self-love ritual. What food to put inside my body, which activities to engage in, privately and professionally, who I surround myself with, how I consume etc etc.. I’m also trying to be sustainable in these decisions - not just towards my own well-being but also the one of others - people, animals, nature.

Keeping this in mind, I try to buy products that align with these ideas. I have been trying different natural cosmetics lately, so I was quite happy when the lovely team from Skinbiotic gifted me some of their products to test (PR sample). 

Skinbiotic is a new cosmetics brand that uses superfoods such as kale, chlorella and ginger in their products to build up and maintain the skin flora and strengthen its own protection function. The idea is not just to care for the skin momentarily but to support it in its own function in the long run.

It is important to me that despite having natural ingredients (and obviously no animal testing!) they are also environmentally friendly in their production. I was glad to receive their products in a pretty effective packaging with almost no plastic. Surprisingly, this is still worth acknowledging these days! Packaging and branding are simple, clean and really beautiful, which might not a be an important criteria yet makes having their products in your bathroom more fun!

I have sensitive skin and I tend to allergic reactions, so I was rather skeptical to use new products, especially in the face. I was very pleasantly surprised by the products, however, right after using them for the first time and still after having used them for several weeks now. Reason enough for me to share my experience with you :)

My skin type is rather sensitive and dry and having passed the 30 a while ago I like to use substantial care. I was recommended and am using the following products:

“care-ful cleansed” – Cleasing Milk

I use it as the first step of my skin care routine. It leaves a smooth and clean feel and I really like that the skin doesn’t feel dry or tense afterwards.

“youth tube!” - Mix & Match Pro Youth Shot

This can’t be used by itself and has to be mixed with a serum or a mask. I use the “mix it now serum”. Both together gently patted in give a nice fresh and smooth feel.

“sincerely sensitive+” - Sensitive Cream Rich

I use it daily in the morning and in the evening as the finish of my facial skin care. It leaves a really nice and nourished feel, no dryness or tension. Maximum plus: I gives a slightly mat finish and I stopped using any make-up since I use it! It gives a really fresh look and I only use concealer anymore :)

Further products that have been recommended for my skin type are the “h-eye-light” eye cream and the “super care-ful” Bi-phase Oil. I have been using them to shortly to recommend them fully yet, but they do feel great right from the start just as the other products.

Obviously, every skin has different needs, but the product pallet is really wide and everybody should find what they are looking for. I was not paid and not told to post or write about the products, but I was given the products for free testing. I wouldn’t, however, recommend them, if I wasn’t personally using them and I wasn’t convinced!

One further aspect of interest could be the pricing. It is comparable to other high-class natural cosmetic brands and therefore maybe higher than the products of your local drugstore. I personally value quality and particularly in skin care I don’t I want to choose the cheapest option, but rather what supports the health of my skin - especially being sensitive and not reacting well to a lot of cosmetics. I also have the feeling, after a few weeks, that the products are quite economical and should last for a while.

Maybe you have been looking to try a more natural approach to skin care too and find my review helpful :)