Dec 7, 2019

Product Recommendation: Natural & Sustainable Deodorant I Nuud Care

Note: This is not sponsored content, nor do I have a collaboration with this brand. I bought the product myself and this is a personal recommendation.

I always try to live as naturally as possible. I eat as purely as daily life allows and I try to be sustainable in the products I buy – for the health of my body, but obviously also in consideration of our environment. This idea also applies to my decision in cosmetics. I want to avoid putting my body in daily contact with harmful substances, since there is already so much outside factors that I can’t influence – this is my choice. What we put on our skin is absorbed by our body, just as the food we eat.

Not only being a very active and sporty person, but also teaching yoga for a living I have to be fresh, so my decision on a deodorant is quite an important one ; )

Surely most of you have heard about the harmful consequences of deodorants that use aluminum salts to block sweat pores and thus inhibit odors and moisture. They also leave residues on skin and clothing. Deodorants without those ingredients don’t stop the sweat, yet they only cover up the smell, often perfumed intensely.

In my research for a natural alternative I found a product, that was supposed to be entirely natural and sustainable, so I was immediately intrigued: Nuud Care. The brand did a great job with their simplistic branding, but this is not something I would care too much for when it is about practical things – as the name says, they have to be practical.

I bought this product myself the ordinary way and I am sharing my experience with it, because I think it might be valuable to you. So, this is my personal recommendation, not sponsored content.

Nuud Care doesn’t contain any aluminum, parabens, propellants, no chemicals and no alcohol. It has a creamy consistency and doesn’t have any odor, but only a very subtle natural smell that evaporates right after applying it. The packaging is 100% plastic free and consists of sugar cane and a biodegradable cardboard. More things I love about it: it is not tested on animals and 100% vegan! And it works against the bacteria that cause the smell rather than just clogging or covering up.

I have to say that I notice more sweating under the arms, which bothered me in the beginning, yet I have to say that it is completely odorless. And, I guess that is what my body just does if you let it function naturally! The product also doesn’t leave any stains on the clothes and they don’t smell either. Just in the very beginning it felt like my body was going through a little detox and it was confirmed by reading the information on the brands website. I just noticed a slightly funny smell, yet nothing compared to a bad sweaty haze. This passed quite fast and I needed to use it less and less.

It depends on my activity and on how often I change, but I’d say I use it every 3 to 4 days in average now - sometimes less. So, if you are repelled at the price at first know this: I’ve been using it for more than year and a half now and I am only on my third tube.

Maybe you’ve been looking for a natural alternative, too, so I hope this information is helpful to you : )