Jan 30, 2021

Mindful Morning Rituals | 5 Habits That Changed My Life

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. —Buddha

A mindful morning routine can change not only your whole day for the better, but it can influence your physical wellbeing and your mental health profoundly. It not only set the right tone for the day getting you ready for everything that’s coming your way, it also helps you raise your vibration and cultivate and manifest the qualities that you want to experience and live long term. Over time you become a more conscious, present and balanced person.

These mindful morning rituals are the healthy habits of my cozy morning routine. The daily habits are my spiritual practice and the foundation for a conscious lifestyle. They include morning meditation, morning movement or morning workout, journaling and more healthy rituals for a spiritual morning and a wonderful selfcare routine. Use these morning habits for your selfcare 2021!

Read on or scroll all the way down for the video of my favorite healthy morning habits. As short and easy as they are, they are powerful tools to live an authentic, reflected, joyful and healthy life!

1. Meditation / Stillness

The first practice in the morning is meditation. And for everybody who might feel intimidated or hasn't had any experience with meditation (or not very good experience) - you can also just call it ‘sit and breathe’. You want to find a space where you can be undisturbed and sit with a tall spine, and you tune inwards. In the morning your mind is still calm, the worries of the day and all its tasks haven't come at you yet, all your momentum from the previous day, everything that has happened, subsided while you slept, and you get a fresh slate; you get to start over. You focus on your breathing, observing the smooth breath flowing in and out through your nose and enjoy this calm, this presence and the space that you have within. This tunes you in for the day and whenever you meet challenges or stressful situations you can come back to this place of stillness within you. You will remember it and you can take decisions from this inner center, from this calmness and peace, rather just than just reacting or being an autopilot all day.

Find guided meditations for your morning meditation here:

2. Movement

The second habit in the morning should be movement. Whether this is an intense workout, a run outside or even just a short and gentle stretch, you should get your body and your energies moving. Move your joints, lengthen your muscles, take some deeper breaths and awaken the body. This will make a big difference for your immune system, for your physical well-being, your health, your fitness, and for your mental well-being. When you find peace in the body and release stiffness and rigidity in the body, it affects your mind as well. It can be as short as 10 minutes! So, don’t make excuses but take a moment and move your body.

Find morning yoga routines here (lots of 10 minute sessions, too):

3. Writing

Journaling or writing is a wonderful practice for self-reflection. It helps you to keep our mind in order and slow down your thoughts. You focus on one thought after the other until it is on the paper and then you can move on to the next one letting the previous one go. If you are not quite sure how to establish a writing routine in the morning or what to write about, here are my three favorite prompts for journaling in the morning. Ask yourself:

  • How do I want to feel today?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • The words I’d like to live by are?

It is enough to ask yourself a simple question and write down the qualities that come to your mind indulging in the feelings that arise with them. Writing down a couple of things that you are grateful for can raise your vibration instantly and therefore elevate your entire day.

4. Reading

Reading inspiring literature in the morning is a wonderful way to spark your interest, your creativity and reflection. It could something that you want to learn about, something about self-development or anything that inspires your mind. It is such a privilege to be able to read the ideas and minds of brilliant people. We have access to so much information and we should really make use of this privilege. This way you get yourself inspired, get different perspectives and food for thought every morning. It can just be a single paragraph that makes a whole difference for the way you look at things today. Take the time, and if it is only one sentence – read with attention and allow your mind to unfold.

5. Visualization

Visualization is a powerful practice for attracting good things into your life or at least for noticing the good things that are around you. Imagine yourself living the life that you really want to live. If this is something you want to achieve, being with somebody you love or any experiences you want to have - visualize yourself already being there. Feeling like you have achieved what you wanted and indulging in the sensations that come with that knowing will change the way you look at opportunities, circumstances and people. This gives you confidence and motivation to manifest your dreams. You can build a vision board in Pinterest or Photoshop, with cut outs from magazines, paint it or imagine it mentally, seeing everything you wish for in front of your inner eye.

These are my favorite mindful morning routines. Don’t get hung up on the time you need to invest in your morning routines. It can be an hour, 20 - 30 minutes or literally just a couple of minutes in the morning. You could also decide to start with one or two of them and stick with them for a while. But give it a try, build a routine, do it every day and see how this impacts you and the days you live.

Mindful Morning Rituals

I would love to hear what you think about the routines and which is your favorite in the comments of the video.

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