4 Week Yoga Immersion Course: Foundations & Flow

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Whether you are a beginner, or you have practiced yoga before, this course provides you with a holistic experience exploring and developing your personal practice.

You will learn the necessary foundations to build a solid and refined understanding of yoga asana practice. This will enable you to not only practice posture correctly and efficiently, but also to flow effortlessly and experience moving meditation. Vinyasa yoga synchronizes breath, guiding your body into lightness and alignment and focusing the mind in the present moment.

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This course includes 12 videos (5 hours of video)

  • 1 Introduction and Instructions
  • 1 Initial Warming Exercises
  • 1 Breathing Tutorial
  • 6 Focus Sessions I Tutorials
  • 2 Full Length Flow Classes


  • 1 Guided Meditation

Following the module system you will build your own practice step by step.

After this course you will know exactly what to do when practicing yoga at home or in public classes.


Suggested 4 Week Program

If you are a beginner, it is suggested to follow the 4-week plan for maximum effect, but these classes are yours and you always have the choice to go at own pace depending on your expereince. You can repeat videos as often as you want to get familiar with your body and how the poses work on it. To build a solid, safe and efficient practice, please follow the the module system.

Week 1
1. Introduction and Instructions
2. Initial Warming
3. Ujjayi Breath
4. Focus Session: Tutorial Sun Salute A (videos 1 - 4 can all be done on one day)
5. Focus Session: Standing Postures

Week 2
6. Focus Session: Sun Salutation B & Transitions
7. Focus Session: Focus Forward Bends

Week 3
8. Focus Session: Focus Backbends & Twist
9. Full Body Flow 1

Week 4
10. Focus Session: Focus Hip Openers & Balance
11. Full Body Flow 2

Additionally you can add the guided Meditation to your practice; before or after the videos or independently at a convenient time any time of the day.

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You can buy the course for unlimited streaming and download for 49,00 Euros

or rent it for a 1-month period of unlimited streaming for 29,00 Euros.

Simply click on one of the videos for purchasing or go to https://vimeo.com/ondemand/yoflaminga.

You will have to sign up to Vimeo in order to process payment and access the videos. Once purchased you can practice them directly here on Vimeo. They are accessible form all devices.

Camera & Production: Daniel Willis (https://danielwillis.co)
Audio Editing: Henning Baer
Music Trailer: Amedeo Inglese (Noi)

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